Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Straight Edge Extremists

You congregate in the mall like a bunch of little fucking 12 year olds, you hang out at the skate park but don't actually skate. You go around preaching abstinence and a drug free lifestyle but you don't understand what they both really mean. I have some things to say to you.
You’re all fools. The fact that you need to define a healthy lifestyle as something other than "healthy" is pathetic. The fact that you had to make a fucking commitment to staying healthy is fucking sad. The fact that this is an entire anti-society is depressing.
You took one line of lyrics from a band known for doing drugs and turned it into a life style. 
Now I don’t mind straightedge for the sake of being healthy, it’s when it becomes fashion that you become a cocksucker. I think living a healthy life style is great. Drugs are bad and I know it. I've never pushed someone into doing drugs. I never will. I’m not a drug addict. I don’t go around telling people that doing drugs is awesome and that they should all buy them and sell them to their friends. Here’s the deal, Nobody gives a shit what you do, just don't judge or impose your stupid shit on me. Straight edge is intolerant. The notion that drugs, alcohol, and promiscuous sex should be abstained is derived from America's puritanical beginnings and other religious influences, not from punk rock!
It's difficult to understand how getting drunk/stoned sometimes translates into having to get drunk/stoned to have fun all of the time. It seems straight edge folks cannot have fun without placing the actions of others beneath them. This is a far more hazardous mental condition for participants of the straight edge movement. But what would I know? Not all people are alike. I’m not saying every straight edge is a (cocksucker) fanatic more concerned with shoving their beliefs down your throat than living by them, but more often than not, in this day and age, they are.
I like to emphasise that I respect people that don't do drug and people that don't drink (The fact that i have to separate those two is a fucking joke). Abstinent people I don't hold so dear but I don't really mind. The main thing is, I DON'T CARE, DO YOUR OWN THING! But most importantly, don't be a cocksucker!

Also this is a video by one of my favorite bands, and It's relevant to the topic.
Did you notice how they are not cocksucker?

Listen, there's no set of rules. I'm not tellin' you what to do, all I'm saying is I'm thinkin' of three things that are like, so important to our world i don't have to find much importance in because of these things, whether they are fucking or whether it's playing golf.

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