Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where do I see myself?

                If the world has not ended by 2012 and we haven't turned against each other in a nuclear war that would destroy the planet. In 5 years I will be 21! I hopefully won't have a kid, and I don't know if I want a girlfriend, I want to be a bachelor for a while. I would probably have moved in with a couple of friends and rented an apartment together.  I would probably be working in Starbucks for a while with some awesome coworkers. Just so I can party a lot for a couple of years with my buddies, you know go to bars and strip-clubs! I'll also just live on Instant Noodles and tab water until after I save enough to go to college and study programming. I'll most likely already know programming by then, but I still need a degree to get any good jobs with awesome companies and full benefits and staff. I love computers and math, and I've written small config files for like Rainmeter and some Linux software before. I really want to learn Python and Java for starters,  then C. but At 21 I'll probably be familiar with all  of them. I'll also have a piercing on my left eyebrow. Some tattoos too, I’ll figure it out when the time comes. I'll be dressing real dark by then, Cut my hair short and have it all spiky, buy some really amazing boots! I'll build a real bad-ass rig too. Buy a 3D monitor for gaming and a really confy chair also for gaming, or for lurking and whenever. It would be the only thing that I would own that would be worth anything at that point in my life lol If the world is not covered in a radioactive cloud by 2021 I’ll be 26! Now by then I would have a job working for Google on the new chrome OS, which will beat Android OS at everything, which by then would be the new MAC! Lol Anyways, I would have probably met someone really awesome and fallen in love during college (Which was as easy as I thought it would be). We would move in together and it will all be real horrorshow. We would get married and plan about someday having kids. I'll probably still have my hair short and spiky with my eyebrow piercing and some tattoos for sure. She would be smart, moderately geeky and totally hot. Her name would be Helena or something like that I hope, and she would be dark, not necessarily gothic, but dark. We would also share mostly the same taste in music and literature. She would be a writer and I would help her. She would be like the next Stephenie Meyer but her book wouldn’t be a total gay piece of crap written by ingesting letter soup and introducing vomiting. We would live on more decent food. We would not go to church,  ever, instead we would spent every bloody Sunday in bed talking about nothing until really late, then we would get ready and go party with our friends or by ourselves.  Life would be pretty fucken sweet. I really hope I haven’t jinxed my future with this blog entry. Because I have real high expectation about it.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why I created this blog?

A lot of people, when they are asked a simple question by someone who expects a complicated answer, reply by saying that they don’t know or can’t remember just to avoid having to deal with giving a long explanation (I do this a lot, mostly to people I dislike). But I’m being as sincere as possible when I say that I have no clue what the whole point of this blog is, if there ever was any.  As the title states, nothing interesting was ever supposed to be posted in this blog. I created this out of genuine boredom with life, to say nothing! And with that same eternal burning passion I started it with; I left it, with only 3 posts to rot in solitude until the end of the internet. I only recently actually considered posting again, when a friend of mine, Regan, decided to “challenge” me to blog about whatever suits her fancy for a while. But I’m not scared! This blog will hold the same intentions it was established with and remain as depressingly uninteresting as it was always meant to be!