Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Uniqueness = Conforming to be different

 I don't even know what a unique thought is anymore. Everything I see that's "art" or "philosophy" (which more often turns out to be more like bumper-sticker philosophy) usually ends up being a regurgitation of something someone has heard somewhere else, and, has impacted them in such a way that they feel the need to repeat it, or rephrase it, to re-impart it's message. I fear that each unique thing I see was once just some sarcastic joke someone told their friends which was taken way too seriously for it's own good. I feel that our government, our language (lol capitalization and structure), our clothing, our TV shows and movies are all rehashed bar conversations made to be something suitable for mass consumption by an army of scientists asking control groups stupid questions, over and over, until they find something that a group of 20 or so random jackass fat Americans find capable of jamming down their throat for prolonged periods of time. UNIQUE!?!?  WHAT IS UNIQUE NOW?!?!?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Commercials (Useless products)

So i was watching TV today, nothing interesting was on, but then again i was bored. A commercial came on, (I most often than not just completely ignore commercials, since they're so fucken stupid). It was about the new automatic soap dispense, you know the heat sensor one which you don't have to push a button so you can feel like you're at the mall while at home. Fuck OK, i get it, were lazy fucks, don't wanna press the button, or want use bar soap (because you know, that's for poor people) But what they used to advertise was just hilarious.  I'll dramatize is a little just for the lulz; "The button you use to dispense the soap is full of germs!! OH no, fucken germs!. You've got to buy this shit before you get swine flu or fucken aids!!! Have you touched things today? Because if you did, then your full of germs! When you press the goddamn button, they'll stay there and infect you're children, so here's a new and expensive solution to it! Buy our product or you'll die of harmless diseases which you would probably never catch!"  FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU i don't give a fucken shit if the button has germs I'm about to wash my shitcunt hands! Seriously commercials are just getting more and more retarded!  I guess its to best match the audience that's currently viewing.
   Meanwhile in the trailer park, at the cracker/cumdumpster's house. Yeah the one with all the acne and a bunch of marching band awards. She watches this commercial and fear strikes her heart; fear for her health and well being. She suddenly yells to her overweight mother in the kitchen, who is making a sandwich for her drunk father, who is bitching about how the immigrants took his job, a job he couldn't perform half as efficiently as an uneducated spic. "Mom! We has to get this new automatic soup dispenser, what if i touches a nigger at school and get home, push the button, put the aids germs on it, then wash my hands, we'll all get aids!! MOM! PLOAX! I CAN'T DIE A VIRGIN! (notice this girl is not a virgin, she's fucked more guys than Nina Hartley) And then Mom, "OK, honey, whatever you like sweetheart, babydoll!" And dad, "What the fuck are you talking about bitch! I ain't buying no shit even if it is so efficient at keeping us hard-working Americans germ free, and daughter, the fuck are you out of the kitchen bitch?" Fin.
   Did you read that? Did you picture it in your head? Well that's enough bullshit from me today, Back to where i belong....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The worst kind of people

The worst kind of person
Everyone has some kind of prejudice, right? I infer, everyone hates on a particular subculture ,or culture, or race, or nationality, ect. If your thinking to yourself "No, that's not me, I'm made of love" . Then I think you should look into yourself a little more.
Do you know who I think the worst kind of person is? To me the worst kind of people show all the characteristics described below.

First off this kind of people don't change. Their either too stupid or to uninterested.

They disregard empathy. They are simply selfish, that's their nature. That's why they don't realize what they do, It never comes to their mind to think in a empathic way.

This kind of horrible being feel no shame. They simply cannot process shame, they distort the plain truth into a dimension of lies to help themselves to a feeling of superiority.

They don't usually admit that they are wrong. If they do, they do it for an easy out, or because they want something from you later.

They know how to lie, they are perfect lairs, they can cook you up a story in a second! They can make up lies that you would never suspect of till you know the truth.

This kind of people exploit others, they do it in many different ways. They can use your conscience against you, or maybe you're empathy towards them, perhaps exploit bonds such as friendship. They can be very crafty.

This people have a charm, they can look good and act like a good person. Be it superficial or psychological they have an undeniable charm. This makes them a perfect predator.

This kind of people have no guilt. They never feel remorse, except if they made a mistake that could hurt them later. They wont feel guilty for wronging you, ever.

Well that's my opinion on the worst living organism that populates earth. If you see one, please do us a favor and kill it. If you fall in this category become an hero. I'll finish this blog with a quote from Joseph Baretti; "I hate mankind, for I think myself one of the best of them, and I know how bad I am"