Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Sitting lonely in an alley
Looking at the tainted sky
With no stars or moon or heaven
Only darkness in that sky
Sitting in a lightless alley
Coughing blood and singing sadly
Freezing oh so badly
Under the black sky
Waiting for my time to die.
With no job or food or fortune
Only a mind already ruptured
And a body oh so tortured
Under this obscure sky
Awaiting for my turn to die.
I lay in this morbid alley
Coughing blood and laughing madly
Freezing oh so sadly
Looking up at the benighted sky
To myself I'll say goodbye
And to this twilight in the sky
In an hour or so I'll die

Sunday, August 7, 2011

So Perfect

I hope that someday I'll be stuck in the back of your mind, and you'll be going crazy in the middle of the night, and you won't be able to get comfortable or fall asleep because of a mistake you made years ago, and it's eating away at you, you won't remember what that mistake was, but you'll be thinking of me at the same time , and how much you love me, but you will never put the two together, and then when you see me, you'll be frozen in your tracks, and I'll be able to walk through you like you do to me, and it will feel so good to be the one in charge, and when that day comes I will go home and close the door behind me and laugh uncontrollably, and ill shake, and I'll cry as I laugh, and I'll be able to lay down on the floor and listen to some lovely music, and let my heart slow down and die, and it will all be so perfect.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Did you miss me??

“Did you miss me?” I asked
I know you have reasons to
“So... Do you hate me??”
I would deserve it anyways
“You hate me???” I asked
but I know
deep inside
you want me to die

because you hate me!
there's no moral high ground here
you want me to die
it's not even weird

I wish to die too
But, hey, you hate me more than I do!

Then, so, why not just tell me?
You know? That you hate me?
It's OK
"I feel this way everyday, anyway" 

She ignored me 
So I asked 
“Did you miss me?”
She took a long sip from her glass
then sighed
and left me waiting

she said
“Can I ask you for a favor??”“
and I said “Go ahead”
“Fuck off”

I stood still and waited,
then drank until my memory fated.

I  don't know if she hates me
I should just forget it
It was a long run
Now I'm all alone.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm such a bore!

I recognize
I must be such a bore.
To have to be ignored
I know!

I just don't know
 what you imply
As I watch you standby
So idle...

I Know!
That must be it!
 I'm such a bore!
Just humor me though~

But hey
you know
there's nothing at play here
so let me disappear
if you want.
I don't mind.

I just don't know
 what you imply
why not just say goodbye?
Or give me a black eye?
Or sigh?

That rhymes right?
Oh ooooh oh

I'm such a bore......