Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Taste of Madness



   I woke up in a puddle wet, cold and naked. A familiar taste of blood covered my mouth and a feeling of fear and worry struck me as I realized what was going on. It had happened again. I attempted to open my eyes, but all i could see was black! I couldn't see anything but darkness! I stared up at the sky nervously, hoping for it to slowly fade in from the complete oblivion that i was seeing. I could have been waiting for a minute or an hour or a second, It doesn't really matter, because slowly the familiar clouds of the morning sky came into view. With huge relief, I looked down to see what I was laying on...  it was a puddle of fucking blood. A puddle of fucking blood. "Oh god," I thought  to myself, "Was this my own blood? Was I bleeding out dying?"
 I stood up as quickly as i could to check myself for any mortal wounds I might have suffered during the episode. I couldn't find any. None whatsoever. I was completely injury free...

I looked down into the bloody mess again. It was a pile of miscellaneous guts. What looked like organs and chunks of flesh tainted a large patch of grass dark red. "Fuck!" I thought, "What the fuck is it?" A wild animal?" The aberrant puddle had a trail of blood leading into the woods that surrounded me, as if whoever had done this dragged the guts out from somewhere inside the spooky forest. I was so mesmerized by it's brutality, I couldn't help following it. It zigzagged across the grass into the wilderness, emanating a repulsive stench that send shivers down my spine. The trail seemed to be endless and turned thinner and thicker following no logical order, as if whoever had made it had no idea of where they were going. As if whoever had done it had no idea of where they were.

    I must have followed it for hours or maybe days or maybe just seconds, I don't even know, but the trail led to a huge puddle of blood somewhere deep inside the wilderness. There was dead trees all around there and the ground was so dry and the air was so dense. It the middle of the tiny bloody stinky lake stood a tall skinny tree all death and branches. It's roots were going out and into the puddle as if it was feeding off of it. Flies and other disgusting insects flew around the puddle enjoying the terrible stench and bathing in the bodily fluids. How long could this have been here for? It smelled so terrible but looked so fresh. I slowly moved closer and closer to get  a better look. I noticed there was something inside, something under the insect and flies. I looked closer and closer as I broke off a long branch from the tree and poked at the puddle and mixed it around with the stick. The bugs all scattered away in a hurry and uncovered something beautifully grotesque. A fucking human skeleton! The skeleton of a man or woman all clean from flesh real horrowshow. It's bones were like ivory. Like beautiful shinny ivory covered in Lucius liquid rubies... I stood there staring mesmerized by the brutality of it's beauty. My legs began to shake and my head to ache. A sudden feeling of horror overcame me. I stood up as quickly as I could and my vision started to fade away. Sudden impenetrable darkness covered my eyes and a feeling of euphoria reigned my soul. I had never felt so much happiness in my entire life! It was so intense I couldn't breathe right. It made my heart warm! I could have been in that state of orgasmic blindness for hour or days or minutes or second, I don't remember at all. but after whatever time it was my vision started to come back and my skin started to get all tingly and goosebumpy and cold. I stood there for a while as my vision became clearer, wondering why the feeling of euphoria had left me feeling so empty. Why did it have to leave me feeling so empty? Why couldn't it have stayed to keep me company forever? WHY?

    With my vision now completely clear, I looked up into the spooky tree that stood in front of me. Something caught my attention instantly, something hanging from one of it's dead, leafless branches. Something that looked dirty and used and old. Something that waved around in the wind slowly dripping blood. Something with the sun shinning brightly behind it keeping me from seeing what it was. Without moving my eyes from the mysterious something, I walked around to get a better look. The thing waved like a plastic bag in the wind. What the fuck was it? As soon as my eyes became accustomed to the light and I could finally see it... It was skin. Human fucking skin. Skin from a whole human body all in one piece. Skin with blonde hair coming off of the head and tiny fingers waving around from it's floppy arms with the wind. Skin so perfectly cut out that it could have been worn. It’s face had holes where the eyes should be. It's mouth was just a big gaping hole. It waved around like a flag in the wind to remind me that I was fucked up in the head.

    "Why?" it whispered in a very familiar voice.

    "W-what?" I managed to blurt out through my raspy throat in terror.

    "Why did you do this to me? All I ever did was help you, Derek. Why did you torture me? Why did you kill me?" the familiar voice said again as that gaping hole of a mouth waved about.

    "M-M-M-Mrs. Juliet??" I managed to whisper.

    "You filthy piece of shit, you thug. You are everything that is wrong with the world. Your mother must be so disappointed in herself for raising such a terrible person. You are a bad person, such a bad person." Mrs. Juliet's skin said in a tired, old, depressed voice.
   "Y-You don't understand... I-I-I didn't mean to, it wasn't me." I attempted to explain to her, but I couldn't stop shaking in place, my voice wouldn't stop stuttering. My knees were weak and I had a terrible headache pounding inside my head making me wanna scream and pull my hair off and die.

   "YOU ARE A MURDERER, A PSYCHOPATH! I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL! YOU TUG!" the sack of skin screeched in a demonic howl.

   "I-I-I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to, I swear, it wasn't me! I would have never done anything like this." My head was about to explode! It was pounding so hard that I collapsed on the ground. It was like the blood in my brain was boiling violently. I twitched as I put my head between my hands and pulled at my hair and screamed at the top of my lungs.
    "STOP!!!! STOP!" I yelled over and over for what could have been an day or an hour or a minute or a second. I could feel my throat burn and sting from screaming but I couldn't stop. It wouldn't stop. It wouldn't stop. Everything was so dark. My head was going to explode, but nothing made any sense. None of it made any sense. I didn't fucking get it. I couldn't fucking understand. Why wouldn't it make sense? I didn't make any sense. It didn't make any sense. Why didn't I get it? It didn't make any sense... Was it not for me to understand?!?


Monday, August 6, 2012

A Taste Of Madness.

Chapter One

    It happened again today, it had left me alone for a couple of months now, but it finally came again. I fucking hate it so much.

    I woke up completely beat up and in the middle of the woods. My head hurt. It was covered in bruises from what must have been me pulling my own hair. My lips were ruptured and I could taste my own blood. My nails were broken into sharp pointy claws with bits of my skin stuck under them. I was covered with sweat, blood and hair. I really hoped it was all my own. The heels of my feet hurt and so did my throat. I must have been screaming a great deal during this episode. My shoes were nowhere to be found... Walking all the way home barefoot and cold from the woods with all those little twigs poking at my feet was gonna be a fucking pain. I couldn't stand up straight because my back hurt so bad, mostly around the back of my neck. I had no idea where the fuck I was, but there was a very obvious path of destruction (mostly dirt that was kicked away, broken branches, mud and blood) that would probably lead me to a road. I figured I could get home from there.

    Walking about a mile following whatever clues I had left, I found one of my shoes. Around that area there were several very deep footprints that were most likely from me violently stomping my feet against the ground over and over and over. That would explain the bruises I had on my heels. After about 3 hours of walking I ultimately found a highway. Exhausted and dying of thirst, I figured the best thing I could do was wait for someone who would pick up a bloody hitchhiker. After 10 cars passed by without stopping and one asshole throwing a bottle of beer at me, I finally managed to catch a ride from a very older looking woman. When she asked me what had happened I told her I had been robbed and beaten by a bunch of lowlife thugs. She believed me. I felt bad for lying to that nice old lady who was willing to drive me all the way home and wouldn't accept any money for it. She insisted on taking me to the hospital, but I told her I was okay and all I wanted was to go home. She understood. It was an hour drive to my house. She talked about her husband most of the ride home. Something made me suspect him deceased, but she never did mention it and I never dared ask.

    "Thanks for the ride, Miss Juliet. I would have probably died out there without your help." I told her as I got out of the car and waved goodbye.

    "You're very welcome!" she said with her sweet old lady voice that sounded so angelic to me. "By the way, young man, what is your name?"

    "My name is Derek, Derek Allison." I replied with a smile.

    "That is a very lovely name, Derek. It is very nice to formally meet you. I'm very sorry about what happened. You know, my grandson is a lawyer and he'd be more than happy to help you with filling out a police repo-..."

    "That won't be necessary, Miss Juliet," I interrupted her, "but thanks a lot for all your help. I really must be going now, though. Thanks a lot for everything! Really, thank you!"

    "It was really no problem, I'm very glad I could help you out after what occurred. This generation of thugs that do such violent acts for no apparent reason make me very depressed, after all, it was the sons and daughters of our generation that raised them, I'm glad my Grandsons didn't choose such a vile way of life, they're very poli-..."

    "I really must be going now, Ma'am," I interrupted her once more, "I have wounds to tend to." Feeling bad for not wanting to listen to her after all she had done for me, I slowly started to walk away.

    "Of course, of course! Goodbye, Derek, take care!" she said as she drove away and waved her bony little wrinkled hand goodbye.

    "Goodbye!" I managed to babble as she left, doubting that she actually heard me.

    I walked over to my front door and got my key from under bush that was next to my window. I had put a spare key there ever since this fucked up shit started happening to me. I had forgotten it was even there. Opening my door, I was surprised to find my house completely spotless. I continued to investigate, and everything seemed to be in order. I walked over into my bathroom to look at my face and see If It needed any stitches. The mirror was smashed into pieces. What the fuck? That was a first. I walked into my bedroom to look at myself on my dresser mirror but that one was smashed in as well.

    As I stared at the image of my wounded fragmented reflection hiding behind the pieces of that broken  dresser mirror a feeling of helplessness overcame me. I stared long and hard.

    "Why do you do this to me?" I said to my reflection, "Why are you back? What the fuck did I do to you? Huh? I know you can hear me you piece of shit. I know you're there. Why don't you come out and face me? Huh? Hiding behind my own fucking consciousness, you're such a coward. Breaking the mirrors so you don't have to look at yourself. Are you afraid of my face? You are, aren't you? A Fucking coward, that's what you are."

    Only silence followed my words. Fucking empty silence.

    "I'm such a mess..." I whispered to myself. Everything hurt and my clothes were still soaking wet from my sweat and blood, "Shower... I need a shower."