Friday, July 29, 2011


Why do school buses always stop before rail road crossings, open their doors, and check if a train is coming??? Has a train accidentally a school bus before?? (Probably, A long time ago....) I mean really who gets hit by trains these days? Unless you're playing chicken or you're planning to kill yourself, i don't see how it's possible to get hit by a train. Trains are usually really noisy. They're also cursed to being the rails' bitch. It's not like the train can jump out and hit you just because it hates you. Common Mr. bus driver, if there was a train around The railroad crossing sing would light up and play loud annoying sounds , not to mention it would block the way with it's impenetrable, giant, wooden sword! Okay, so You're trying to prevent kids from getting hurt with an outdated and useless law. Kids, I get it (not really). But some public buses do it too. Not all of them, only some. I don't get it. Am I so stupid I cant grasp my mind around the simple concept of overprotection of the public?? Talking about useless shit, This post was supposed to be about Hats. Yes, hats. Why? Because for some stupid reason, In this day and age, An individual is considered rude if he/she wears his/her hat indoors. We don't live in a goddamn top-hat-wearing-society anymore. We don't take off our hats in front of a lady. America lost it's etiquette a long time ago... Yet Public Schools and old people like to bitch at a person that wears a hat inside. I'm not into hats. I don't really wear them. But fuck should we defend the rights of people that want to look like douches wearing their gangster caps inside. So you're telling me that gays and lesbians can get married, Casey Anthony was innocent, It's not really butter, BUT I CAN'T WEAR A HAT INDOORS? Outrage, scandal!

 Also I heard that some lucky bastard made a Casey Anthony Halloween mask, put it on ebay with a starting bid of about 30 dollars, and sold it for approximately 1,000,000 dollars. I bet the guy that bought it is so fucking rich he has no idea what anything is worth anymore! Seriously America, You never stop surprising me....

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