Friday, July 29, 2011

Scott Pilgrim; Salt of the earth.

I reread Scott Pilgrim today! I love O'Malley's style of drawing and writing because there's a lot more than just fighting and romance to his stories. It has always been my favorite graphic novel, so I decided to dedicate this post to my favorite moments from the comic!

I noticed that this is the same as Scott's memory of how he won Kim's love.

Scott has or has had an alcohol problem! 

Oh Wallace You're so sexy!

It was inevitable!

I wish I had dreams like Scott...

She's a good whore.


Valkyrie Ramona 

Evil ex munch?

It was inevitable

What ever it means....


Why do school buses always stop before rail road crossings, open their doors, and check if a train is coming??? Has a train accidentally a school bus before?? (Probably, A long time ago....) I mean really who gets hit by trains these days? Unless you're playing chicken or you're planning to kill yourself, i don't see how it's possible to get hit by a train. Trains are usually really noisy. They're also cursed to being the rails' bitch. It's not like the train can jump out and hit you just because it hates you. Common Mr. bus driver, if there was a train around The railroad crossing sing would light up and play loud annoying sounds , not to mention it would block the way with it's impenetrable, giant, wooden sword! Okay, so You're trying to prevent kids from getting hurt with an outdated and useless law. Kids, I get it (not really). But some public buses do it too. Not all of them, only some. I don't get it. Am I so stupid I cant grasp my mind around the simple concept of overprotection of the public?? Talking about useless shit, This post was supposed to be about Hats. Yes, hats. Why? Because for some stupid reason, In this day and age, An individual is considered rude if he/she wears his/her hat indoors. We don't live in a goddamn top-hat-wearing-society anymore. We don't take off our hats in front of a lady. America lost it's etiquette a long time ago... Yet Public Schools and old people like to bitch at a person that wears a hat inside. I'm not into hats. I don't really wear them. But fuck should we defend the rights of people that want to look like douches wearing their gangster caps inside. So you're telling me that gays and lesbians can get married, Casey Anthony was innocent, It's not really butter, BUT I CAN'T WEAR A HAT INDOORS? Outrage, scandal!

 Also I heard that some lucky bastard made a Casey Anthony Halloween mask, put it on ebay with a starting bid of about 30 dollars, and sold it for approximately 1,000,000 dollars. I bet the guy that bought it is so fucking rich he has no idea what anything is worth anymore! Seriously America, You never stop surprising me....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Google Empire

With the already released Google Chrome OS, the Google nexus, and Google+ in beta stage, I'm quite sure Google has been one of the most influential Companies in this past decade. With an empire worth hundreds of billions of dollars, they're nothing to fuck with. When they release the Google Gun and the Google powersuit and decide to bring the world to It's knees, I'll be ready to join them. Why? Because, FUCK THAT! GOOGLE IS AWESOME!!! WILL YOU JOIN US AS WE TAKE OVER THE WORLD?!?!?

Saving them as Jpg really fucked up the quality... should have used png....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Straight Edge Extremists

You congregate in the mall like a bunch of little fucking 12 year olds, you hang out at the skate park but don't actually skate. You go around preaching abstinence and a drug free lifestyle but you don't understand what they both really mean. I have some things to say to you.
You’re all fools. The fact that you need to define a healthy lifestyle as something other than "healthy" is pathetic. The fact that you had to make a fucking commitment to staying healthy is fucking sad. The fact that this is an entire anti-society is depressing.
You took one line of lyrics from a band known for doing drugs and turned it into a life style. 
Now I don’t mind straightedge for the sake of being healthy, it’s when it becomes fashion that you become a cocksucker. I think living a healthy life style is great. Drugs are bad and I know it. I've never pushed someone into doing drugs. I never will. I’m not a drug addict. I don’t go around telling people that doing drugs is awesome and that they should all buy them and sell them to their friends. Here’s the deal, Nobody gives a shit what you do, just don't judge or impose your stupid shit on me. Straight edge is intolerant. The notion that drugs, alcohol, and promiscuous sex should be abstained is derived from America's puritanical beginnings and other religious influences, not from punk rock!
It's difficult to understand how getting drunk/stoned sometimes translates into having to get drunk/stoned to have fun all of the time. It seems straight edge folks cannot have fun without placing the actions of others beneath them. This is a far more hazardous mental condition for participants of the straight edge movement. But what would I know? Not all people are alike. I’m not saying every straight edge is a (cocksucker) fanatic more concerned with shoving their beliefs down your throat than living by them, but more often than not, in this day and age, they are.
I like to emphasise that I respect people that don't do drug and people that don't drink (The fact that i have to separate those two is a fucking joke). Abstinent people I don't hold so dear but I don't really mind. The main thing is, I DON'T CARE, DO YOUR OWN THING! But most importantly, don't be a cocksucker!

Also this is a video by one of my favorite bands, and It's relevant to the topic.
Did you notice how they are not cocksucker?

Listen, there's no set of rules. I'm not tellin' you what to do, all I'm saying is I'm thinkin' of three things that are like, so important to our world i don't have to find much importance in because of these things, whether they are fucking or whether it's playing golf.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Maybe I have a brain tumor. lol

Sometimes I have this strange rush of thoughts. They come and go really quick. Its a weird feeling when my vision blurs and my thoughts rush in random patterns. They don't last very long (from 1 sec to maybe 10 depending on the complexity) but the sudden haste of thoughts can be really overwhelming. My head doesn't hurt or anything and I really enjoy it! The feeling is so unique. It's not like being high or being drunk or rolling or frying. It's not like time slows down in my head, I'm still aware I'm thinking way too fast. I call them moments of lucidity. I become really conscious of my surrounding. A rush of thoughts can go like this;

>Recognize where I am
>Recognize who I am with
>Feel how I feel about them
>Recognize where they are standing in accordance to me
>Random pet snake eating a mouse
>Imagine what someone is doing, someone random, like my teacher or the parent of a friend I haven't seen in a while.
>Think about the complexity of quantum mechanics, and how I'll probably never understand it.
>Crave something, like cake, or cookies, or noodles.
>Wonder how many calories I've eaten that day.
>Remember a random quote and how unoriginal I am.
>Recognize what everyone Is wearing, mainly color wise.
>My mouth tastes gross, like Copper or some other metal. (This almost always happens)

This example may take five seconds or so. I say this because I'm still aware of time, and no one has ever called me out on it. No one has ever told me “Are you ok? You seem to have completely spaced out for about 5 minutes.” Notice the thoughts aren't that complex, and mostly full of emotions. I've gotten used to them when they happen. I wish I could induce them, but I cant. There is no noticeable change in my heart rate or anything either, as far as I can tell. I sometimes feel a little light headed afterwards but not too bad nor for too long. I've googled it before but found nothing like it. I am the only one?? I've tried to find a trigger for it, like when I'm nervous or unconformable, but they seem to be completely random. I could get 4 in a day. I could go for months without having one. Maybe I have a brain tumor. lol 

Superego: "You really should do something about your 'thought-rush' problem."
Ego:  "Yeah, and James Bond should really do something about his "ass-kicking" problem."

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Dead Knight

 Your white knight is dead
 I've seen where he's laid
stripped of his pride, 
robbed of his blade
    he lived only to save but cannot anymore
he found out the truth
you settled the score
    what pain you did cause
to put him to rest
    pain you can see
from the wound to his chest
    he'd freely give his to make sure you live
    you spat in his face
he could not forgive
    no man deserves to be brushed to the side
    especially not one in whom you'd confide
    in his hand there's a note that solemnly read
    you ripped out my heart and left me for dead