Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dear Death,

Come death,
Death my dear,
Come take me away from this never ending darkness.
Come death,
My only passion.
I've been waiting for you my entire life.
Every dream,
Every breath I take is in anticipation of your arrival.
Why death,
Why have you made me wait for so long?
Come to me now,
Free me,
Let me escape this mortal shell that has been a prison to my spirit since the day of my birth.
Take me away with you,
Take me to a place of oblivion!
My love,
Come whisper in my ear,
Elucidate to me the significance of all of life's riddles.
Death my dear,
Come erase me from here.
Come save me from this never ending darkness.
Why Death,
My friend,
Why do you keep me waiting for so long?
My savior,
Walk along with me through your valleys,
Guide me through your kingdom
Into the waters of Lethe!
I beg of you,
My dear Death,
Take me with you!

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