Friday, July 27, 2012

Black Gold

A black gold
Divining our fortune in statics.
With its numbers cutting throats
To appease their hunger for power.

Burning with supremacy!
They sing of fear to keep us safe
And so the weak,
Fueling their desires and defending their dreams in meaningless fights,
Yet, they are proud of being hunted by guilty, prying eyes.

A black gold
Dividing our world
Making quotients for us convenient,
To Appease their hunger for power.

Boiling with vengeance!
They yell of blood to save themselves.
And so their weak,
Burning with rage and defending their visions in glorious battles,
Yet, they are shameless of being hunted by proud, vicious scopes.

A black gold.
Dooming our future,
Shaming our children.
Yet satisfying our hunger for power.

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