Friday, August 5, 2011

Did you miss me??

“Did you miss me?” I asked
I know you have reasons to
“So... Do you hate me??”
I would deserve it anyways
“You hate me???” I asked
but I know
deep inside
you want me to die

because you hate me!
there's no moral high ground here
you want me to die
it's not even weird

I wish to die too
But, hey, you hate me more than I do!

Then, so, why not just tell me?
You know? That you hate me?
It's OK
"I feel this way everyday, anyway" 

She ignored me 
So I asked 
“Did you miss me?”
She took a long sip from her glass
then sighed
and left me waiting

she said
“Can I ask you for a favor??”“
and I said “Go ahead”
“Fuck off”

I stood still and waited,
then drank until my memory fated.

I  don't know if she hates me
I should just forget it
It was a long run
Now I'm all alone.

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