Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The worst kind of people

The worst kind of person
Everyone has some kind of prejudice, right? I infer, everyone hates on a particular subculture ,or culture, or race, or nationality, ect. If your thinking to yourself "No, that's not me, I'm made of love" . Then I think you should look into yourself a little more.
Do you know who I think the worst kind of person is? To me the worst kind of people show all the characteristics described below.

First off this kind of people don't change. Their either too stupid or to uninterested.

They disregard empathy. They are simply selfish, that's their nature. That's why they don't realize what they do, It never comes to their mind to think in a empathic way.

This kind of horrible being feel no shame. They simply cannot process shame, they distort the plain truth into a dimension of lies to help themselves to a feeling of superiority.

They don't usually admit that they are wrong. If they do, they do it for an easy out, or because they want something from you later.

They know how to lie, they are perfect lairs, they can cook you up a story in a second! They can make up lies that you would never suspect of till you know the truth.

This kind of people exploit others, they do it in many different ways. They can use your conscience against you, or maybe you're empathy towards them, perhaps exploit bonds such as friendship. They can be very crafty.

This people have a charm, they can look good and act like a good person. Be it superficial or psychological they have an undeniable charm. This makes them a perfect predator.

This kind of people have no guilt. They never feel remorse, except if they made a mistake that could hurt them later. They wont feel guilty for wronging you, ever.

Well that's my opinion on the worst living organism that populates earth. If you see one, please do us a favor and kill it. If you fall in this category become an hero. I'll finish this blog with a quote from Joseph Baretti; "I hate mankind, for I think myself one of the best of them, and I know how bad I am"

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