Monday, November 12, 2012


    I violently awoke from my slumber to loud screams of agony and Pain. I was confused. A heavy atmosphere surrounded me, filling my lungs with toxic air and my heart with panic. A foul,
thick stench burned my nostrils as I inhaled and exhaled rapidly. I
jumped out of my bed in a haste. What's going on? The ambient seemed much
like the hell I had seen in so many movies and read about in so many
books. Had I died in my sleep to wake up in a realm of eternal
punishment? Smoke was pouring from under my bedroom door and I could
feel the lack of oxygen and abundance of carbon dioxide entering my
lungs and slowly killing. I tried to cover my nose with my shirt
thinking that it would make it easier to breath, but it was a lost
cause. Gasping for clean air, I ran to my door and grabbed the handle to
open it. TSHHHH! It cried as it burned my hand. I quickly jerked away
only to fall down onto the floor. I coughed violently at the air
that poured into my lungs with every breath I took. Was I gonna die
here, suffocating to death? I stood up from the ground. I tried to kick open my
bedroom door, only to fall back down again. I stood up and I tried over and over in frustration, kicking and screaming at it and suffocating until it finally flew open. A burst of flames shot in and I was ambushed by the
intoxicating aroma of melting flesh and the screams of what I could
only imagine was an agonizing death that resonated from inside that inferno. I fell
onto the floor again. In front of me stood a furious crackling fire. It
stared at me. I could feel it burning my face with its gaze as it
danced before me. Telling me that I should surrender to it. Telling
me that it would not hurt forever.

    “Come...” It conveyed to me with its dance, “I will teach you what
it's like to be non-existent.”

    I gathered all the strength that my body had left in it and stood up
for the third time. My lungs now felt like they were on fire. My
vision was so blurry I could barely see. Knowing my room as well as I
did, I ran to the back as that infernal flame slowly chased me through the ground.
I climbed on top of my bed and grabbed the lamp from my night stand. I
threw it against the window as hard as I could. SMASH! It went right
through. I stuck my head out the broken glass to see the street below. Only there was no street. There was nothing. I could only see darkness under me.
An empty abyss.

    “Come...” It conveyed to me with its infinity, “I will teach you what
it's like to be non-existent.”

    The Demon in my room had covered it all with his flames now. I stood on my bed surrounded by his fires as they danced. My mind rushing.

    “Surrender...” He conveyed to me with his dance, “I shall teach you
what it's like to be non-existent.”

    And so, without a second thought, I jumped out of my bedroom window into the abyss.

    And so I fell.

    And so I fell endlessly Into the abyss.

    And so I learned.

    And so He thought me what it is like to be non-existent.

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