Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why I created this blog?

A lot of people, when they are asked a simple question by someone who expects a complicated answer, reply by saying that they don’t know or can’t remember just to avoid having to deal with giving a long explanation (I do this a lot, mostly to people I dislike). But I’m being as sincere as possible when I say that I have no clue what the whole point of this blog is, if there ever was any.  As the title states, nothing interesting was ever supposed to be posted in this blog. I created this out of genuine boredom with life, to say nothing! And with that same eternal burning passion I started it with; I left it, with only 3 posts to rot in solitude until the end of the internet. I only recently actually considered posting again, when a friend of mine, Regan, decided to “challenge” me to blog about whatever suits her fancy for a while. But I’m not scared! This blog will hold the same intentions it was established with and remain as depressingly uninteresting as it was always meant to be!

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